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Enjoy the many scenic views surrounding Garsnes. Book bikes, and we’ll be ready to give you advice on where to go upon your arrival.

Day based pricing : Bike rental
Friday - kr150.00
Saturday - kr150.00
Sunday - kr150.00
Monday - kr150.00
Tuesday - kr150.00
Wednesday - kr150.00
Thursday - kr150.00
Discount Rates
7 - 13 days : kr900.00 Fixed
14 - 20 days : kr1,800.00 Fixed
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Helmet is included in the rental price.

Scenic rides

Garsnes is located along the tiny one-lane County Road 7810. Continue down this one-lane road and follow the coast towards the tiny village of Lavangsnes, about 1 hour from Garsnes by bike.

Visit Sjøvegan

Sjøvegan offers everything you need of food, supplies, gas, and more. The local mall features six stores, including two local independent shops; a textile store and clothing store.

The local coffee shop, Kåre Maloney, is open daily and features a vintage-style environment. It’s a must-visit local gem.


The local village houses two grocery store chains; Rema 1000 and Coop Extra. 


Apotek 1 is located in the local Strandsenteret mall and is open Monday through Saturday. 

Cafes & Take-away

Mazhar Mathus offers both dine-in and take-away, and serves various lunch dishes, pizza, hamburgers, and kebab. A Thai take-away food truck is also located downtown.


Kleo, a local independently owned clothing store, is located at Strandsentered and is open Monday through Saturday.


Anitas Blomster is located downtown and is open Monday through Saturday.

Textiles & Interior

Z Interiør AS is located at Strandsentered mall and is open Monday through Saturday.


Maxi Miljø is located downtown and sells everything from toys to hardware. Open Monday through Saturday.

Much more

Find a complete list of businesses at Sjøvegan.no.

Garsnes Brygge

Lavangsnesveien 231, 9350 Sjøvegan

68°52'10.1"N 17°46'09.3"E

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Reception & Restaurant
+47 974 89 090

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