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Boat equipment


Safety first. Get life vests for summer use, or survival suits for winter use. We also have fishing poles for rent.

Day based pricing : Fishing pole
Friday - kr125.00
Saturday - kr125.00
Sunday - kr125.00
Monday - kr125.00
Tuesday - kr125.00
Wednesday - kr125.00
Thursday - kr125.00
Day based pricing : Live vest
Friday - kr100.00
Saturday - kr100.00
Sunday - kr100.00
Monday - kr100.00
Tuesday - kr100.00
Wednesday - kr100.00
Thursday - kr100.00
Day based pricing : Survival suit
Friday - kr250.00
Saturday - kr250.00
Sunday - kr250.00
Monday - kr250.00
Tuesday - kr250.00
Wednesday - kr250.00
Thursday - kr250.00
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Sounder (Ekkolodd)

Included with rental.

Fishing poles

Six poles are available for rent. Additional charge applies.

Life vest

Six life vests are available for rent. Additional charge applies.

Survival Suit

Six survival suits are available for rent at additional charge.

Sagfjorden; the natural beauty of the Northern-Norwegian fjords

By BjoertvedtOwn work, CC BY-SA 3.0, Link

Sagfjorden is also an arm of Astafjorden, which is the source of several other arms in the region, including Lavangsfjorden (Lavangen municipality) and Gratangsfjorden (Gratangen municipality). Astafjorden, which more accurately is a strait, is 30 km (19 mi) long and flows from the Sagfjorden in the east to Vågsfjorden in the west, which ultimately leads out into the open ocean. 

About Sagfjorden

Sagfjorden is a 18 km (11 mi) long fjord, flowing to the northeast. The fjord was originally named Salangen, which is today the name of the municipality that Garsnes is located in. Salangen consists of words from old norse. Specifically, “Sal” translates to Seal, and “Angen” translates to Fjord; thereby the Seal Fjord.

By BjoertvedtOwn work, CC BY-SA 3.0, Link

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