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Get your share of our region’s hidden gem. The development of our cabin properties began in 2014 and continues to this day. Roads, water, sewage and electricity is made available and ready to connect.

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490,000 kr




The nearby village of Sjøvegan, which is also the municipal center for the municipality of Salangen, is a quick 15 minute drive away and offers all you need of groceries and other essentials. The village features two grocery stores, a gas station, a liquor store, clothing and textile businesses, a pharmacy, and much more. Most of our properties have a clear view of the entire fjord, overlooking Sjøvegan. 

Unique location

The spectacular view of the fjord, the northern lights, the midnight sun, and the Garsnes pier. Not to mention our gourmet restaurant. There are many reasons for building the cabin of your dreams in the hills above our little gem.

As if the beauty of the nature surrounding Garsnes wasn’t enough, Salangen municipality is packed with hiking trails, fishing spots, and scenic drives. Enjoy the ocean and purchase a spot at Garsnes Marina to dock your boat. Our marina also accepts guests.

The restaurant is situated just below the cabin property area, and is serving high-quality food throughout the summer season. These facilities are also available for weddings, birthdays, and other special events.

Just next to the restaurant and accommodation facilities, you’ll find Garsnes Camping, a small beach, and a bonfire area. It’s the perfect place to enjoy a summer evening.

Where would you like to build your cabin?

Infrastructure ready to connect

Good to know…

Parking access

Dirt road available for connection to all properties.

Building requirements

Owner is free to choose any type of cabin and any construction company, but must follow the municipal code.


All owners must be part of the newly founded association of Garsnes cabin owners.


Infrastructure for utilities is ready and available, and buyer is required to connect to water, sewage, and electricity.


Buyers will be offered docking spots for purchase or rent. Get in touch for pricing.

Municipal Fees

Connection to water: 57 kr/sqm, minimum 11,337 kr. Annual subscription of 2,506.67 kr, not including consumption. All fees are excl. sales tax. Additional fees may apply.


Salangen municipality does have property taxation. These taxes are determined after construction is complete.

Other fees

A range of other mandatory fees does apply, including document fees, property registration, and base fees. Total starts at 13,504 kr.


The map below is for reference only. Several properties are already sold. The map may be incomplete. Contact us for more information about current availability.

Garsnes Brygge

Lavangsnesveien 231, 9350 Sjøvegan

68°52'10.1"N 17°46'09.3"E

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Reception & Restaurant
+47 974 89 090

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