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Our partner, Fjellkysten, offers guided caving tours of the Sagelva caves. Booking is available through their websites.

Caving tours are offered from June through March.

We will drive the guests to the starting point of the tour, and we’ll walk by foot to the opening of the caves. This will take about five to ten minutes. By the main cave opening we will lit a big fire where the guests will be served a hot beverage and something sweet to eat. There are quite a few cave-opening but we usually go in opening of what we call the main-cave. The opening of the main-cave takes us inside the mountain where we will be met by running water, we then follow this underground river until we hit an underground waterfall. The conditions are variable, in some places you must almost crawl, while elsewhere you can walk almost upright. We adapt to the always relative to guests feedback and experience. some guests wish to finish a piece into the caves, while others we bring as far as we are going into caves. For the most enthusiastic, it is possible to climb down the side of the waterfall. If any of your guests wanting more extreme adventures, we welcome a ride in one of the narrow and more challenging cave out. Well out of the caves we take a shot for a well conducted tour.

Tour includes:

  • Guide
  • Warm cloths
  • Headlight
  • A hot beverage
  • A shot when the trip is finished.
  • A sweet snack

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